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Album Information

During many collaborations in the past with top-notch session musicians, working in many musical styles, the seasoned singer/guitarist gathered lots of experience and made use of the most up to date recording techniques, but in the end it seemed more inspiring to enter the studio with his own touring band. That's what is clearly audible on HANDMADE: the songs were not so much “produced” in the narrow sense of the term but were recorded in an almost live environment in the way records used to be made.





Album Tracklist

1.Keep Talking

2.It's Crazy IT'S CRAZY

3.Something About You

4.She Forgot

5.It's Alright

6.The Caravan Moves On

7.Under The Same Sun

8.Baby It's History

9.So Radical

10.Angel Of Berlin

11.Only You

12.Let's Do It

13.Down Louisiana

14.Nothing Stays The Same