Release Date: 2007

01. Lay Me Down
02. Love Not War
03. Trying To Find My Home
04. Hello Baby
05. Close To You
06. Catch Your Dream
07. Sleep Alone Tonight
08. When The Midnight Hour Is Calling
09. When A Love Affair Ends

10. I Melt Away
11. Maybe There’s A Way
12. Baby I Call Your Name
13. Survival

Chris Norman - There And Back

Album Information

Chris Norman's release not only gets close up and personal in terms of title and cover design but also with a great selection of strong and meaningful songs. "Close Up" contains thirteen brand new songs, including "Lay Me Down", "Love Not War", "Trying To Find My Home", "Hello Baby", "Close To You" and many more. And what's more, "Close Up" is an extremely honest album with all songs and lyrics written and produced entirely by Chris himself.